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Sophie COLAS et Equilibre

Online Coaching

3 Choices : Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp

Find your balance in your body and your life.

A choice of life

My mission is to help you find your balance in your life and in your body.

Some efficient tools

In this process, I help any people to get better, whatever the pain or difficulties they are facing.

Whatever the problem is (sleeping disorders, difficulty of losing weight, phobia, illness, etc.) and with people of all ages, I give some efficient tools to improve their life.

To do so, I use a multitude of techniques, disciplines and tools as being appropriate and personalised. These tools impose themselves and respect the history and the needs of the person. Because they are personalized, we always improve an strengthen health, body, wellbeing,  and life of the person that came to me and asked for help.

The more you use theses tools, the more the candle of joy inside you grow and make you feel gratitude, love, wellbeing, confidence and hope for better days to come.

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