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Reconnect with the unconscious part of you

"Hypnosis is a lively relationship that takes place in one person and is aroused by the warmth of another person" Milton H. ERICKSON

First, we learn to let go

Hypnosis, in fact, teaches us to let go. With it, we leave the sessions more relaxed and peaceful. For a moment we find support and confidence.  We let go any logic to allow the imagination to take place. This way, we let our healing mode get activated.


We trust the unconscious part inside us

Hypnosis aims at finding the subject's resources in his psyche. It invites any subject to set up new perspectives of behavior and thoughts.

Because hypnosis mobilizes our imagination and our emotional side, it enhances the healing, at the expense of our logic.

The Hypnosis is Ericksonian

The hypnotherapy that I practice is different from the Hypnosis you may see on tv or on show : it is Ericksonian and Humanist.

It is open, efficient and respectful because it is not direct. 

The person becomes an actor in his healing and no longer dependent on the therapist. It is ecological,

All the sessions are adapted to the needs and expectations of each person, personalized, individualized, and recorded to be listened any time you want to at home.

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