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My services

Be at your disposal

I am here, at your disposal, always being friendly, to help you in your daily life whatever your age and your needs.


Make you discover a technique 

You will discover through the various pages of this website all the help that I can bring to you through many disciplines. One of them will suit you.

Offer you to use natural techniques

Sophrotherapy, as well as Naturopathy, or even Sophrology  are among the appropriate natural solutions to be considered to get the chance to access to a total well-being.

Beyond the well-being you are looking for, you will reach the an harmony to which we all tend.

Of course these techniques will help you on the first hand to decrease the pain you may feel and on the second hand, will help you to make it disappear.

Share with you my philosophy and way of life

Create with you a win/win collaboration based on communication and trust. It is indeed essential. Without this confidence, you will not be able to progress. Because we create together a work of collaboration and support, you do not only follow my advices but you act on your own. You are fully involved in the process. Your involvement is necessary and will make all the difference


Make you understand my commitment : 

I am here to provide you with assistance corresponding to your expectations and your needs. Because of this, I become an coach of your evolution. All my energy is here at your service  even if this assistance is short or a long-term one.

Please note that you have to be ready to become an actor on this path because I am not carrying you, I am coaching you. You grow by my side, with my tools, my advice, my help.


Offer you the balance you have been looking for:

It is indeed my choice of life : Help you to find your balance in your body and your life by eliminating a problem related to stress, tobacco, weight, sleep, confidence, sexuality, alcohol or any other addiction.

I help people how to learn how to use appropriate tools and techniques such as sophrology, hypnosis or naturopathy to strive towards this goal.


Be there and listen :

You want to have some information, create a link, I remain at your disposal for 1 free online coaching of 30 minutes.

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