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Promote better health

"REIKI is the secret method to invite Happiness into our lives" Mikao USUI


What is this discipline ?

Reiki is a simple and natural Japanese therapeutic energy treatment method which is conditioned by the laying on of hands.

What does it arouse ?

Both gentle and powerful, this energy approach brings you a boost of energy and revitalizes your inner strength.

Reiki is a precious help both physically and mentally.

What is the meaning of the word?

In Japanese, Rei means universal. It includes soul and spirit.

Ki (or Qi), meanwhile refers to the vital energy that flows through your body and mind. It is about an alternative energy medicine.

In conclusion :

Reiki is both a contact (or a rebalancing) of "universal energy" and a "vital force or commonly called vitality" in order to balance the body.

This treatment is identified as an energizing and rebalancing treatment. It is a healing technique based on the principle of a free and uninterrupted flow of energy which activates the natural process of rebalancing the body by laying on of hands. Each person, getting the benefits of such care, can then feel better again physically and emotionally.

This gentle, interior treatment invites any person to change: take care of themselves, find ways to constantly recharge their interior energy with good food, breathing, and hydration ...


It is a real unifying care!

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