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Follow-up sessions

An essential

the follow-up sessions are necessary if you want to be sure to reach your goal, whatever it is.

The duration of the session will vary and will depend on the chosen discipline : hypnosis, sophrology, etc... 

You can choose an online session via zoom or by phone.

The frequency of the sessions allows you to stay focused and motivated for the duration of the protocol


Each of the sessions invites us to reshape the protocol  if necessary for your well-being. This change will depending upon the problems you may encounter or if we notice a rapid progress in your well-being.

Our task is to guarantee you to find a Body and Mind balance ang access to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony you have longed for.


During your protocol, I remain at your disposal.

THis way, beyond the sessions you can be free to email me and ask me any questions. It will help you to move forward with confidence.

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