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How shall we summarize this method ?

Sophrology is a complete method that allows anyone to work on the body and regain control of it. Thus it helps you to disconnect from the omnipresent mind (that speak to you all the time and bring you negative thoughts) and brings you over time a global well-being : a real balance.

Sophrology is defined as a science of the harmony ... but over time it becomes an art of living. Why ? Because everyone becomes master of one's life and one's body, Captain of one's mind, autonomous and responsible of one's life.


More than an alternative medicine, an art of living

"Sophrology can be a precious healthy path for those who want to learn to get rid of the tensions of modern life,  facilitate the work of regeneration of their organism and safely explore the resources of their inner world." says Doctor Abrezol.

Comment définit-on vraiment la sophrologie ?

  • A science : 

Sophrology is the science of creating harmony in your body and mind and consciousness. It allows you to work in 3 stages:

1-  with the body with dynamic and breathing exercises

i2- in full consciousness : we observe our own functioning on mental, bodily and emotional levels

3- with visualization: you work with your imagination to create the harmony to which you longed to.

  • An art of living :

Sophrology helps you to no longer depend on the mind, and regain control of the body and your thoughts. Thanks to that, your perception of the world changes, from a more positive view.

  • A philosophy of life : 

Sophrology seeks balance. We all strive for  more well-being in our lives, more peaceful thoughts, more harmony in our personal,  and professional lives.

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